Swiss Shield Ultima – 1 unit = 250 x 100cm


MF Shielding: 41 dB @ 1 GHz

Material: 82% cotton, 17% copper, 1% silver

Width: 2.5m

Weight: 70g/sq m

Surface: Non conductive

Type: Fabric – decorative textile

Uses: Canopies, curtains, room dividers etc.

Colour: Natural (ecru/white)

Certification: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

EMF Shielding Fabric Swiss Shield Ultima is ideal for denser cell phone tower radiation shielding especially for those who are chemically sensitive.  Ultima is completely natural and non-conductive radio frequency protection.  It is one of the most versatile microwave shielding fabrics on the market today.

Robust and washable it is typically used to make net curtains for window shielding, but can be used as a sheet or even a blanket.  This beautiful fabric will not only protect you and your family from EMF radiation, but will add a touch of elegance to any room.

Swiss Shield Ultima – 1 unit = 250 x 100cm



Why EMF Shielding Fabric?

EMF shielding fabric is an efficient and easy way to protect your home from wireless radiation. This fabric specifically reflects high frequency microwave radiation attempting to invade your home. As a result, EMF radiation will be reduced and, most importantly, will protect you and your family.

Swiss Shield Ultima EMF shielding fabric can be draped over windows, made into curtains or even used as a blanket. Tested on new born babies skin, it is not harmful or irritable. There are many ways to use Swiss Shield Ultima, as a sheet on your bed, for example, for protection during sleep.

Other EMF Shielding Fabric

As with all Swiss Shield products sold on this site, this EMF shielding fabric doesn’t need grounding. It doesn’t shed its metallic element into the environment and is also incredibly durable.

We offer a range of EMF shielding fabric, although the Swiss Shield Ultima contains more metal and therefore offers a slightly stronger protection, perfect if you have small children. Interested in other ways to protect your family? Take a look at our other shielding products.

Covering your windows with Swiss Shield Ultima fabric will drastically reduce radiation that emits from cell phone towers, your neighbours WiFi and also many other devices, giving you consistent EMF shielding. In addition, it can give a new look to any room. For other tips about EMF shielding click here.

As a result of EMF shielding, you and your family will be protected and are less exposed to harmful radiation whilst in your home. The fabric is very lightweight and a beautiful addition to a room, especially as curtains.

We hope this information helps you decide if this is the right product for you. However, if you have any questions please feel free to call or email us. We would be more than happy to assist and also advise you on which products would be best for your personal situation.

About EMF Shielding Fabric Swiss Shield Ulitma

Reflects microwave radiation from cell phone towers, DECT cordless, Wi-Fi, TETRA, digital TV, radio and others


EMF Shielding Fabric Care:

This fabric is machine washable, however can be only be washed up to 40 times. All fabric care instructions to be included withe the product.



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